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Tube Straightening Machine

Tube straightening machine is mainly used to straighten metal profiles, rods, tubes and wire rods. It changes the straightness of bar materials by the extruding force of straightening roll. This machine has been built with various methods of driving the rolls. Some machines have a separate drive motor for each roll, whereas the majority of modern machines usually use 2 drive motors, one motor for the top set of rolls and one for the bottom rolls. The standard tube straightening machine consists of six working rolls arranged in three pairs. All six rolls are driven by two identical electric motors.
Pipe straightening machine is mainly used for leveling straightness and oval angle of straight seam welded pipe or seamless steel pipe.
1. Tube straightening machine is precisely engineered at our well-equipped production unit with the aid of ultra-modern tools, advanced technology and quality-tested raw materials.
2. Pipe straightening machine is available in various specifications. It features compact structure, light weight and low investment.

Operation Details
1. Regardless of the way the rolls are driven, it is important that all rolls revolve at the same speed within about 1 to 2 rpm.
2. In addition, it is usual for the manufacturer to build in an electronic load sharing system to ensure that the power needed to straighten is shared equally between the driving motors.
Main Projects and Clients
No. Equipment Client Remark
1 Φ165 ×12 Tube straightening machine Thailand Export Project
2 Φ219 × 14 Pipe straightening machine Tianjin Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd
3 Φ168 × 10 Straightening machine Tianjin Lianzhong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd
4 Φ325 × 16 Tube straightening machine Malaysian Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Export Project
Available Types of Pipe Straightening Machine
No. Model Specification (mm) Length (m) Capacity (kW) Machinery Floor Area (m2)
1 JZJ-100 Φ50 - Φ114 6-12 60 4 × 20
2 JZJ-160 Φ60 - Φ168 6-12 100 4 × 20
3 JZJ-220 Φ89 - Φ219 6-12 200 5 × 20
4 JZJ-350 Φ140 - Φ355 8-12 300 5 × 20
5 JZJ-400 Φ168 - Φ426 8-12 500 5 × 20
Zhongtai is located in the high and new technology industrial development zone in Shijiazhuang, the heavy industrial base in China. Relaying on the good science and technology environment, we are devoted to the perfection of high-tech metallurgical equipment. Having obtained ISO9001 quality certification, we can ensure the quality of tube straightening machines. Besides, our company also has CE certificate for the products. The products like pipe straightening machines are exported to many other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Poland and Uzbekistan.

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