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Hydrostatic Testing Machine


Hydrostatic testing machine is one of our main products for steel pipe pressure test and eliminating the internal stress on the pipe. Hydrostatic test is required by technical standards in order to examine the tube after mechanical manufacturing (drawing, bending, and deformation). Hydrostatic tester is the main test segment for the welded tube. With different structural styles, the technological process is almost the same: feeding, clamping, water filling, pressure increasing, pressure maintaining, pressure relief and making up a circulation. This hydrostatic testing machine is controlled by PLC system, which completes every process and writes down the test result automatically.


Hydrostatic testing machine is mainly used to make a pressure test on the steel pipe and eliminate residual stress. According to different pipe types, hydrostatic tester can be divided into spiral welded pipe hydraulic machine, straight seam welded pipe hydraulic machine and seamless welded pipe high hydraulic machine.


Hydrostatic testing machine can be divided into spiral welded pipe, straight seam welded pipe and seamless welded pipe types.


1. The hydraulic test head moves forward and backward, sealing or releasing the tube.
2. Hydrostatic testing machine is controlled by PLC.
3. The test result is written down and printed automatically.
4. The machines are designed according to customer requests, with special attention to the technical specifications about tube dimensions (diameter and length), maximum pressure for the hydrostatic test and reduction of costs and processing time.
5. The technical office is able to develop machines for any tube dimensions and all the auxiliary devices for improving the production.
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