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S450 Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine

S450 steel pipe wrapping machine
1.Packaging section Dia:300-600mm
2.Work Speed:0~12 m/min
3.Efficiency:30 Piece/hour
Horizontal wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping long&thin objects.Widely used in plastic extrusions, aluminum, sheet metal, pipes, dyeing goods industry. The principle is the packaging material do rotational movement through the pivot arm system to wrap the running goods, at the same time to adjust the tension of the packaging material by stretching mechanism.This package can be wrapped more fastening,forming a spiral rules surface.It is so nice, dust and moisture. To improve the quality of the product packaging, and enhance market competitiveness
Pneumatic cut&clip film device;(Cylinder driving clamping device to clam film membrane organization, then cut down it by electric heating wire)Driving force transmission line, Equipped with pneumatic clamping device.Adjustable tension Sincethedynamic measuring goods running position.The photo-eye switch can sense the location of goods in transportation. PLC Control. The layer number of twisting, Number of adjustable;Open type safety protection device.

S450 Steel pipe wrapping machine parameter:

Packaging section diameter
300-600 mm
Basic packaging length
Work Speed/ efficiency
0~12m/min, 30Piece/hour
Max wrapping weight
1000 Kg
Power Voltage
Ring speed
Cut clip film cylinder
cylinder boreφ40mm, stroke 150mm; φ32mm,100mm; φ25mm,40mm
Compressed air
Wrapping material
LLDPE stretch film
Film width, Diameter
200-500mm,outer diaφ260mm, Inner Dia φ76.2mm
Film thickness/overlap amount
0.035mm~0.50mm; 0~200mm
Conveyor line heigh*width
Conveyor line roller Dia
φ60mm ,separation distance 100mm
Conveying Speed

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  • S450 Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine