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Straight Seam Welded Pipe Mill


Straight seam welded pipe mill is complete equipment for making steel pipes. Its operating process is that after rolling the strip or plate, this machine welds the tube into steel pipe by HF welding or submerged-arc welding. According to the different welding style, it can be divided into straight seam HF welded pipe mill and straight seam submerged-arc welded pipe mill. Welded pipe making machine is basically made up of uncoiler, shear and end welder (prepared by customer), accumulator, pneumatic or computer-controlled length cutting saw and run-out table.


Straight seam welded pipe mill can be divided into straight seam submerged-arc and straight seam HF welded pipe types.


Straight seam welded pipe mill is widely used in the areas such as petroleum transportation, urban pipeline networks and constructions.

Working Flow

Uncoiling → Shearing and Butt Welding → Material Accumulating → Flattening Forming System → High Frequency Induction Welding Machine → Inside and Outside Burr Removing Frame → Water Cooling System → Sizing System → Leveling System → Speed Testing→ Saw Cutting → Running Out Table
Our company is located in the high and new technology industrial development zone in Shijiazhuang, the heavy industrial base in China. Relaying on the good science and technology environment, we devote to developing high-tech metallurgical equipment to clients. With good economical efficiency and applicability, straight seam welded pipe mill shares good reputation among users. We have the clients from almost 20 provinces. Besides, welded pipe making machines are exported to many other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Poland, Uzbekistan and so on.